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Tempe Police Dept Community Crime Prevention Reminder
Don’t make it EASY for criminals to burglarize your home!
Posted Date: 8/1/2013
Tempe Police Department
August, 1, 2013

As the summer winds down to a close, Tempe Police want to give residents a few friendly crime prevention tips to protect your home.

If you do plan to vacation the remainder of the summer, or any time of year:
*Make it a priority to install locks and secure doors, windows, garages and gates year round.
*Consider installing timer switches on indoor and outdoor lights.
*Provide an itinerary and emergency contact numbers to family, friends or a trusted neighbor.
*Do not advertise your absence on your phone message or social media.
*Put a temporary hold on mail and newspaper delivery.
*Ask family and trusted neighbors to keep an eye on your home.

Protect your family, your home and your belongings year round:
*Check all doors and windows – on a regular basis
*Leave exterior lights on even if you leave for a short period of time during the evening
*Remove any foliage or items that may hide your doors or windows from view
*Photograph and write down serial numbers of electronics
*Inventory and catalog any other items of value.

Illegal entry is made in a majority of burglaries through:
*Unsecured and unlocked gates, garages and vehicles
*Unlocked front and back doors
*Open or unlatched windows and pet doors

Call Police immediately if:
*A stranger with no legitimate business knocks on your door
*You see someone going door to door who does not appear to have legitimate business
*You see a stranger or strange vehicle in the alley
*You observe a stranger loitering (on foot, bike or vehicle)
*You hear dogs barking up and down the alleyway
*You observe any suspicious/concerning activity

If you observe suspicious behavior, call Tempe PD at 480-350-8311. Call 9-1-1 in an emergency, or to report a crime-in-progress.