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Survey/Form Review
Request to Review Web Site Access
The Tempe Public Library believes strongly in the free flow of information and makes every effort to comply with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article II, Section 6 of the Arizona Constitution. Accordingly, any visitor to the Library who uses the electronic information resources and reasonably believes that the Library’s filtering software has unnecessarily blocked a Web site, can seek to have it reviewed expeditiously by Library staff. Conversely, if a visitor to the Library using the Library’s electronic resources finds a Web site that he or she feels is in violation of the policy and that has not been blocked by the filter, the visitor can seek to have it reviewed expeditiously by Library staff. Current Library policy is to block internet sites that provide online gambling, display explicit sexual materials (A.R.S. §13-3507, as it may be amended), or display material harmful to minors (ARS §13-3501, et seq., as it may be amended). Click here to read Tempe Public Library's Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources and the Internet policy in its entirety.
If you are using a Library catalog computer, please note that Library Catalog computers display ONLY the Catalog and block all other Internet sites. If you wish to use the Internet in the Library, please use an Internet computer or our tempecafe free wireless access.
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