Turkey Grease


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Don't be a turkey - recycle your holiday cooking grease!

Whether you stuff, roast or deep-fry the bird, holiday cooking can create a significant amount of grease. You can help put that grease to good use – and keep it from ruining your pipes – by having it recycled. The City of Tempe is partnering with Rev Biodiesel, the Valley’s only cooking-grease-to-biodiesel recycling facility, to provide a convenient way for residents to recycle turkey grease and other used cooking oil.

From Nov. 21 to Jan. 15, Tempe residents can bring used cooking oil from deep fat fryers and other holiday cooking for recycling to four convenient locations:

Turkey GreaseResidents can pour fryer and cooking grease directly into barrels at the collection locations, or simply place containers of grease on a spill-proof surface next to the barrels.

Fats, oils and grease – collectively known as FOG – can wreak havoc on residential plumbing and municipal sewer systems. By recycling cooking grease, residents can help divert thousands of pounds of cooking oil away from drains and sewers, creating more sustainable sewer infrastructure and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by displacing the consumption of fossil fuels.

For more information, call 480-350-4311.