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*If you experience difficulties enrolling call (480)-350-2678 and your enrollment information can be taken over the phone.



2014 – Received an Award of Merit through the Arizona Forward Environmental Excellence Awards within the Livable Communities (Public Policy/Plans) category.

2015 – Received Copper Level recognition through the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program. 


The Cooperative 

The Tempe Grease Cooperative is an innovative green partnership between the City of Tempe and its restaurants and food service establishments to better manage fats, oils and grease by joining together to procure superior quality grease trap and interceptor cleaning service at a lower cost . Member restaurants receive cleaning and maintenance services under collective contracts that are established and administered by the City. As the administrative arm of the Cooperative, Tempe advocates on behalf of member restaurants to ensure grease traps and interceptors are managed properly, and that odors and backups are kept to a minimum.

Voluntary Enrollment

The program is voluntary – restaurants can choose to join or withdraw at any time using the online enrollment form. The City of Tempe is committed to ensuring that TGC membership provides value to Tempe’s restaurants and the community as a whole. Regular member forums, open houses, member comments and feedback, received through the link above, help us ensure that membership adds value to your business, and that staying enrolled remains a good business decision.

Member Benefits

Discounts: Approximately 15% below retail prices through collective purchasing, with no added cost for City administration.
Better Service: The City reduces odors and backups for the restaurant by scheduling, managing service quality, and administering plumbing and odor diagnostic services.
Compliance Assurance: By having the City manage required cleaning and maintenance on behalf of the restaurant, compliance with City requirements is an afterthought, allowing the restaurant to focus on its core business function.
Financial Incentives: Finders’ credits for referral of new member restaurants, and year-end dividends for downtown restaurant based on demonstrated sewer system savings as calculated in the Terms of Enrollment .

The Sustainable Alternative for Tempe and Its Restaurants

• Partners in the Tempe Grease Cooperative are not only solving their own plumbing problems, 
   they are a critical part of the City’s solution to solving larger, Community-wide, and regional 
   environmental challenges
• Members of the Cooperative help create more sustainable plumbing infrastructure for the restaurant 
   and more sustainable sewer infrastructure for the City
• Members help ensure that Tempe’s restaurant-dense neighborhoods remain clean, beautiful, and free 
   of noxious odors
• Members ensure that their waste grease is not disposed of illegally and improperly once it leaves the 
• Members of the Cooperative are partners with the City in its pursuit of future opportunities to turn 
   waste fats, oils and grease into renewable energy

The Tempe Grease Cooperative has the support of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Arizona State University, and local Tempe restaurateurs who believe in doing the right thing for their business and the community.

“The difference in service that we're getting is night and day.” 
       - Jason Brown, GM 
         Culinary Dropout 

“The Tempe Grease Cooperative is a perfect match for my business model...it has been a luxury that I would never want to have to change.” 
       - Daryle Dutta, Owner 
         Tempe Farmers Market 

“Tempe’s Grease Cooperative really is a 360 degree win. We are very excited about Tempe’s program” 
       - Henry Darwin, Director 
         AZ Department of Environmental Quality

“We are saving quite a bit of money per month…it’s easy to do, it’s a no brainer…it’s perfect.”
       - Robert Trick, Owner
         House of Tricks


For more information contact: 480-350-2678; or grease@tempe.gov 



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