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We do our best to sweep all residential streets once a month. Arterial streets are swept every eight to twelve working days. To locate both the week of the month and day of the week your neighborhood street will be swept, please refer to our street sweeping schedule. Please sweep up small amounts of debris on your sidewalk or in the street/gutter immediately adjacent to your home as necessary.  Keep all obstructions and vehicles out of the street sweeping path on your sweeping day.

Did you know that Tempe has 1,241 miles of roadways and 33,000 traffic signs to maintain? 


The High Intensity Activated CrossWalk (also known as the HAWK) is a pedestrian crossing signal that is installed at two mid-block crossings in Tempe. These two crossings are located just north of Elliot Road at the Western Canal on Rural Road and on McClintock Drive.

• When you approach the signal, a solid “don’t walk” symbol will be displayed.
• To cross the street, press the button to activate the beacon signal.
• After several seconds, the pedestrian “walk” symbol illuminates.
• When the “walk” symbol is illuminated, you may cross the street while watching for oncoming traffic.
• After the “walk” time is complete, a flashing “don’t walk” symbol will appear and you should finish crossing the street.
• Do not begin to cross the street during the flashing “don’t walk” symbol.
• Once the signal cycle is complete, a solid “don’t walk” symbol is displayed.

• The beacon signal will flash yellow for several seconds and then change to solid yellow, letting you know that you need to prepare to stop.
• The beacon signal then turns solid red letting you know that you must stop.
• The beacon signal then displays an alternating flashing red light.
• After coming to a complete stop and making sure there are no pedestrians in the crosswalk, you are then allowed to proceed through the crossing even though the beacon signal is flashing red.
• Once the pedestrian is safely through the intersection, the signal will turn off. Download our brochure.

Learn how to use the High intensity Activated CrossWalk (HAWK) Signal


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