Bike Share


Bicycle sharing is a for-rent public bike program in progressive, urban environments where land use is higher density, bicycle trips are common and transit use is strong. Bike share programs are meant to support greater access to more sustainable transportation and further reduce dependency on the automobile. Typically bicycle rack locations are placed in high activity centers and streets to provide convenient customer use. Use is typically by the hour or day, but can be longer.

Capital Bike Share

Capital Bikeshare DC

Map of proposed Tempe bike kiosk locations.


Tempe has secured approximately $1.18 million in federal funds for the purchase of equipment for the bike share program. There is an additional $550,000 allocated from the Tempe Transit Tax for installation of the system with an additional $100,000 in ongoing annual operating funds for FY 2015/16.

Next Steps

Tempe retained Harrington Planning Group to identify station location details, provide bike rack and site specifications and complete the clearances required for the federal funding.  Station locations for the Tempe system have been reviewed by the Transportation Commission and are online for comment.  The 250 bicycles and 26 stations proposed for Tempe extends from Baseline to Washington, and McClintock to Priest.  The locations and are targeted to reach the highest bike ridership parts of the community, major destinations like Town Lake, Mill Avenue, the Tempe Public Library, ASU as well as link to the regional light rail system and the planned streetcar route.

Upon successful completion of the federal funding process, selection of a bike share vendor, and identification of the operations funds, staff anticipates a system launch as early as late Fall 2015 or early Spring 2016. 

For more information, contact the Tempe project manager, Eric Iwersen, at 480-350-8810.