Adopt An Alley



Tempe’s  Adopt-An-Alley program allows residents to help remove litter, weeds and graffiti, and identify bulk trash that does not fit into a 300-gallon trash bin within our alley system.  Individuals, businesses and organizations residing adjacent to the alley being adopted are eligible to volunteer. The program enhances the appearance, safety and cleanliness of Tempe alleys, and encourages neighborhood collaboration. 

Most alleys are available for adoption. The length of an adoptable alley is one neighborhood block, but no more than three blocks. The commitment is a few hours each cleaning period with a minimum cleanup effort four times a year for a minimum of two years.

Because the volunteers will be working in their own alleys, we suggest that alley clean up take place after the bulk/brush collection, which will make for a safer and more productive clean up. 

To adopt an alley, call 480-350-8428, complete a volunteer agreement form and mail it to: City of Tempe Transportation Division, Attn: Steve Horstman at PO Box 5002, Tempe, AZ 85280 or fax them to 480-858-2097. You will be contacted after the form has been received to go over the agreement.


As a reminder, per Tempe City Code, Chapter 29, all residents are required to maintain each alley that is adjacent to their premises free of weeds and debris to the center line of such alley.  

Once approved to Adopt-An-Alley:

1) Have all volunteers sign the Release and Waiver of Liability Form.
2) Call 480-350-8428 at least two weeks in advance to schedule the event and reserve safety vests and litter bags for your group.
3) Pick up safety vests and litter bags at the Transportation Maintenance building located at 945 West Rio Salado Pkwy.
4) Review the Adopt-An -Alley safety requirements with all volunteers at or prior to the event.
5) Have the event and complete the activity report form.
6) Return safety vests and the activity reporting form to the City.
Call 480-350-8428 or send an e-mail to Steve Horstman to find out more about adopting an alley.