Recycle Right in Tempe and Win


   Recycle Right
- and help save the environment!

By Recycling
, you
can reduce
waste, improve
recycling in Tempe,
resources, and
create a more

Recycling is an important part of our community. It helps
our environment, our economy and our quality of life.
But the effectiveness of our recycling efforts is hindered
when the recycling stream becomes contaminated.

Recycling contamination occurs when trash, plastic
bags, Styrofoam, food and non-recyclables are placed
in the blue recycling barrel – reducing our ability to
recycle, increasing the city’s recycling costs and creating
potential health hazards. Tempe’s current rate of
recycling contamination is 23% - more than 10% higher
than the national average.

You can help! Recycling the right way ensures that
everything you place in the blue barrel actually gets

Recycle Right – and win!
Tempe’s new Recycle Right program recognizes residents
for recycling correctly. Tempe residents who Recycle
Right can win a Tempe Recycles Gold Card with valuable
discounts at local businesses.

Here’s how the Recycle Right program works:
• Recycle Right by placing clean, acceptable materials
in your blue recycling barrel (see Recyclables List).
• Beginning in January 2013, Tempe’s Solid Waste staff
will periodically inspect residents’ blue recycling
barrels for contamination.
• If NO contamination is found, a Recycle Right sticker
will be placed on the blue barrel and the address will
be entered in a drawing to WIN a Tempe Recycles
Gold Card with discounts at participating businesses.
• If contamination is found, the inspector will leave
recycling information for the resident and the blue
barrel will be reinspected at a later date. Repeated
incidences of contamination could result in reduced
recycling service.

To obtain a Recycle Right & Win flyer click here

If you have questions about what can be recycled in Tempe, review the recyclables list or contact us at (480) 350-4311.