Bulk Trash & Green Organics

Slash the Trash logoGreen Organics & Bulk Trash Collection Schedule
July - December 2014


GREEN WASTE (vegetation)

  • Tree trimmings and brush (tree limbs, branches, trunks and stumps) must be cut into four-foot lengths or shorter and less than 19 inches in diameter.

  • Leaves, pine needles, small hedge clippings, etc. must be placed in a cardboard box or compostable lawn bag.

  • Cactus clippings must be placed in a sealed cardboard container so they aren't hazardous to collection employees.

  • NO oleanders, palm fronds, grass, weeds, or plastic-bagged items. These items are not allowed for Green Waste Collection because they don’t compost well. They should be placed out during Mixed Waste Collection or in your regular black/green trash bin if there's room.

(Those materials that are too large or bulky to fit in your black/green garbage container or blue recycling container)

  • Furniture, non-Freon appliances, such as washers and microwaves, and other items too large to fit in the trash bin.

  • Oleanders, palm fronds, bagged grass and weeds, other bagged items.

  • All Green Waste items, as listed above. (Note: Green Waste collected during Mixed Waste collection will not be composted.) 

Green Waste Pile 

The amount of green and mixed waste allowed for each collection will be limited to approximately 10 cubic yards – picture a pile about 15 feet long, 6 feet high and 3 feet deep, OR roughly the size of a full size pickup truck bed. 

Tempe residents have access to two transfer stations for delivering bulk trash - up to 2,000 pounds, twice per month - at no charge:

  • Sky Harbor Regional Transfer Station
    2425 S. 40th Street, Phoenix
  • Lone Butte Transfer Station
    1000 S. Kyrene Road, Chandler


  • Plan your major brush and bulk disposal projects around the city’s collection schedule. See the schedule below or call 480-350-4311 for more information.
  • Items should be placed out for collection no earlier than 10 days prior to Monday of your collection week and no later than 6 a.m. on Monday of your collection week.