Lighting Upgrades

Lighting Retrofits and Occupancy Sensors

Modifications will be made to existing linear fluorescent lights, incandescent lamps, exit signs, High Intensity Discharge (HID) fixtures, exterior lighting and installation of occupancy and light level sensors to improve light quality, maintain appropriate light levels by task, reduce energy consumption and standardize equipment.

Facilities: All 

Tempe Diablo Stadium Lighting

Old lighting fixtures will be replaced with new, energy-efficient sports lighting fixtures. The new system benefits include:

  • Significant reductions in operating cost through energy efficient fixtures, variable light level controls, and maintenance savings.
  • 50% less spill light into neighboring areas.
  • Comprehensive product assurance and warranty program which covers 100% of the maintenance costs including parts and labor for 25 years. This warranty guarantees light levels, group re-lamping and replacement, system monitoring, spot maintenance, and on/off control services.
  • On/Off Control and Monitoring system through Control Link provides an easy-to-use web site scheduling system available via phone, fax, or email. Control Link Central staff support is available 24/7. The system performance will be monitored, and if fixture outages which affect playability are detected, a notification will be sent and repair technicians dispatched.

Facilities: Tempe Diablo Stadium