Second Hand Dealer


Description Any person engaged in the business of dealing in secondhand goods, wares, merchandise, coins, jewelry, precious metals and semiprecious stones, whether such business is the principal business or is merely incidental to some other business. This activity does not include dealers or auctioneers of property requiring the transfer of title by the laws of the state.
Fees  Annual permit fee $50; pro-rated to $35 after June 30
Code  Tempe City Code §16A-1 to §16A-39 
Application  Secod Hand Dealer Business License Application
Second Hand Dealer Individual License Application
Sales Tax License Application
Application packet must contain the following: business application
individual applications for all owners
All owners must submit fingerprints
    $22 fingerprint fee per person
    fingerprint cards created by licensing staff
Application packet is processed by: 1. Building Safety
2. Development Services
3. Fire Prevention
4. Police Department