Scrap Dealer


Description A business or person engaged in purchasing or obtaining material of any kind (such as vehicle parts, machinery, copper and other metals or metal alloys, batteries, rubber and other like materials) from persons other than the original distributor and reselling the same. The material obtained is put to a use inconsistent with its original purpose; to be scrapped, dismantled, melted, pressed or otherwise disfigured, and to be resold or used by the purchaser in its altered form. This activity does not apply to any persons engaged solely in recycling metal cans, paper, cardboard or glass. 
Fees  Annual permit fee $50; pro-rated to $35 after June 30
Code  Tempe City Code §16A-1 to §16A-39 
Application  Scrap Dealer Business License Application
Scrap Dealer Individual License Application
Sales Tax License Application
Application packet must contain the following: business application
individual applications for all owners
All owners must submit fingerprints
    $22 fingerprint fee per person
    fingerprint cards created by licensing staff
Application packet is processed by: 1. Building Safety
2. Development Services
3. Fire Prevention
4. Police Department