Off-Track Wagering


Description Any establishment at which bets or wagers are made on the results of any race, contest, sports event, game or any other event or occurrence. 
Fees  Application fee $200
Annual license fee $1,200 (up to 4 tote machines, $400 for each additional tote machine)
Code  Tempe City Code §16A-100 to §16A-109 
Sales Tax License Application
Application Packet must contain the following: Business application
Individual application(s)
Description of Activity
Plan of Operation
Floor Plan
Diagram of property
Vicinity ownership mailing labels (150 feet radius)
Notices of hearing are sent to property owners within 300' of location
All owners and/or applicants must submit fingerprints
    $22 fingerprint fee per person
    fingerprint cards created by licensing staff
Application packet is processed by: 1. Building Safety
2. Development Services
3. Fire Prevention
4. Police Department
A public hearing notice is posted at the business location for 15 days
City Council public hearing is held
City Council recommendation is forwarded to the Arizona Department of Racing
City off-track wagering license is issued by Tempe after the application has been approved by the Arizona Department of Racing