Adult Oriented Business



Any establishment operating as an adult bookstore, an adult service business, an adult video facility, an adult motel, a cabaret, or any combination of the foregoing.


Non-refundable application fee: $500
Annual license fee: $200
Sales Tax License application and license fee: $70

Code  Tempe City Code §16A-112 to §16A-135


AOB Business License Application
AOB Individual License Application

Sales Tax License Application

Location Requirements (Sec. 16A-133)

can not be within 1,320 feet of another adult oriented business
can not be within 1,320 feet of a Church
can not be within 1,320 feet of a Child Care Facility, Preschool, Nursery, any Elementary or Secondary School, Library, Public Park, Public Community Building, Recreational Facility where minors are permitted, Liquor license premise with #6 (Bar) or #7 (Beer & Wine Bar), Residential District, or the property line of a lot devoted to a residential use.

Application packet must contain the following: business application
individual applications for all owners, manager's, controlling persons
sales tax license application
copy of owners' and manager's driver's license
digital photos of all applicant's (taken at licensing office)
Management agreement 
Proof of Use Permit
an accurate floor plan depicting the interior and layout of the premises 
certification that the adult oriented business does not violate the location requirements of Section 16A-133 of the city code

All owners and managers must submit fingerprints
    $22 fingerprint fee per person
    fingerprint cards created by licensing office

Application packet is processed by: 1. Building Safety
2. Development Services
3. Fire Prevention
4. Police Department