Utility Billing


Municipal services, which include water, sewer, and trash, are billed monthly to residential and commercial customers. The billing date of each account is determined by the physical location of the property being billed.  

To pay your bill online, click here Online Payments.  Note:  effective July 1, 2012 the City of Tempe will no longer accept the American Express card.  However, we will still accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

The charges are as follows:

Commercial Refuse
Charges are based on the size and number of containers, and the number of pick ups.

Delinquent Fees
Any account with an outstanding balance after the due date printed on the municipal services statement is subject to delinquent fees and possible interruption of service. Please call a customer service representative at (480) 350-8361 for assistance should your account ever become past due.

Help to Others (H2O) is a voluntary donation program. Your $1 donation will help to provide essential services for City of Tempe residents. If you wish to donate, add $1 to the current utility amount due when you send in your next payment. Thank you.

Residential Refuse
A flat monthly charge that provides for regular weekly collection of refuse and recyclable materials. It is based on the size of the trash container and the number of pick ups.

Sewer Charge and Sewer Service Charge
Our residential sewer rates are determined using a history-based consumption average. The water consumption reflected on the January, February, and March billing statements is used to calculate the new sewer rate which goes into effect every May. Customers who limit water use during the winter averaging period may see a reduction in sewer charges starting with their May billing. Commercial customers are charged sewer fees based on the recorded monthly water consumption. New residential customers are charged a sewer rate based on a monthly winter average sewer consumption of 10,400 gallons until an actual average can be obtained. The sewer service charge is based on the actual water meter size.

The water service charge and water consumption charge are subject to State, County and City taxes.

Water Consumption
A charge based on the gallons of usage recorded on the water meter. For more inforation on water conservation, please visit Water Resource Management.

Water Quality Fee
This fee was mandated by the Arizona State Legislature on 09/27/90 to support water quality measures. It is based on consumption.

Water Service Charge
A flat monthly charge determined by the size of the water meter. This fee covers meter maintenance, replacement, and water main maintenance.

 Billing Cycle
  Description of Action Example Dates Description of Days in Cycle
  Bill print date
  Due Date
  Late fee (1%) applied
  Suspension Notice ($15)
  Service Disconnected
  Service Reconnect


            Tuesday PRINT DATE
27 days after PRINT date
1 day after DUE date
36 days after DUE date
50 days after DUE date
After posting payment