Other Fees


Delinquency Fees
A 1% delinquency fee will be assessed on all amounts past due one day after the due date. A delinquent fee of $15 plus tax will be assessed on any past due balance 36 days after the due date, and a "Service Suspension Notice" will be mailed out. Service will discontinue when payment is 50 days past due. Call our Customer Service representatives at (480) 350-8361 to make a payment or an arrangement and avoid an interruption of service.

Meter Tampering Fee
Any meter that is turned off, for non-payment or related event, shall be re-connected by an authorized City of Tempe employee only. Unauthorized reactivation of a meter will result in a meter tampering fee of $75 plus tax being charged to the account.

Rate Schedules
Ordinance or Council Resolution establishes our rates. Copies of applicable Ordinances and Resolutions can be obtained by calling the City Clerk’s office at (480) 350-8241.

Returned Checks
Checks are presented to our banking facility two times before they are returned for insufficient funds. A $15 plus tax returned check fee will be charged for any unpaid check. Payment for a returned check must be made in the form of cash, cashier check, credit card or money order. If the returned check was payment for a deposit or delinquent account upon which a Service Suspension Notice was issued, service will be discontinued without further notice. If this occurs, all amounts due (including payment of the current month’s bill, required deposits, and all applicable service charges) must be paid in full in order to have service reinstated.

Service Activation
There will be an administrative turn on fee of $15 plus tax to establish an account. Please give us at least one business day (Monday through Friday except holidays) to turn on utility service. To set up an account, we will need the property address, a mailing address, phone number, an account holder's name, and applicable deposit or title company and escrow number.

Service Reinstatement
If service has been discontinued by the City due to delinquency or returned checks, once paid, your utility account may be reinstated the next business day. Additional fees may apply.

Service Termination
There is no fee to terminate service. Please give us at least one business day’s notice (Monday through Friday) to close your account. Call us at (480) 350-8361 to schedule disconnection of service. Be ready to provide us with your forwarding address for the final bill. Customers remain responsible for all water used until we receive their request for termination. Sure Pay customers will need to send in a check for the final bill. Applicable refunds will be mailed out two weeks after the final bill is generated.