Deposit Information


Commercial Deposits
Commercial customers who provide a title company and escrow number or who have an established previous acceptable account history will not be charged a deposit. All other commercial customers will pay a deposit of an amount equal to an average monthly bill for the most recent six months, with a minimum deposit amount of $150.

Residential Deposits
Homeowners who provide the name of their title company and escrow number will not be charged a deposit. If a prior delinquent account history has been established, a $50 refundable deposit will be required.

All residential renters are required to pay a $50 refundable deposit. After 12 consecutive timely payments are made on the utility account the deposit will be automatically applied back to the account on the thirteenth bill, or the final bill, whichever comes first.

Hydrant (Construction) Meter Deposits
A $225 deposit is required to set up a hydrant (construction) meter account. The deposit will be applied towards the final bill and any applicable refunds will be mailed out within two weeks after termination of service.

Refund of Deposits
Deposits are automatically applied back to the utility account after twelve timely payments have been posted to the account or when the account is closed. On closed accounts, refunds and any other final credits will be mailed out two weeks after the account is closed.