Performances At the Museum


Upcoming Free Performances:

May 22: Chapito Chavarria Orchestra:

In 1923, Chapito Chavarria was 9 when he began playing bass and violin in a band led by his father, Pablo, who had moved the family to Tempe. Eventually, Chavarria developed his own sound, a combination of Latin tropical and American big band. For four decades beginning in the late 1940s, Chavarria was the top draw in the Valley's Latino music scene. If you danced in a Latino club in Phoenix in the 1950s, you were probably dancing to the Chapito Chavarria Orchestra. The orchestra still plays around Phoenix at festivals and cultural events.

Join us for this special free performance.

CC Orch 2015

July 12: The Pangean Orchestra

Sunday, July 12 at 2:30 p.m.

A Celebration of American Independence Day

The Pangean Orchestra

The Pangean Orchestra was born from the desert in 2010. Since then, their groundbreaking sound and incredible ability to harmonize seemingly incompatible instrumentations have been inspiring audiences, music lovers and musicians around the world. On July 12th, founder Colin O'Donohoe will lead many original members from the Pangean movement in an unforgettable one time only event. With musicians from all over the world, they deliver a message of peace through the international language of music. What makes the USA such a great country is that we have people from everywhere. We can't think of anything more American than the Pangean Orchestra. Sponsored by the Tempe History Museum, the City of Tempe Diversity Office and Stinkweeds Records.