CARE 7 Awards & Recongnition


Over the years CARE 7 has received numerous awards and recognitions. Among these are: 

  • In 1998, CARE 7 received the State Attorney Generals Distinguished Service Award for it's "comprehensive, coordinated, multidisciplinary approach" to serving the community.
  • St. Luke's Charitable Health Trust awarded CARE 7 a Community Service Grant Award in 1999 on the basis of providing innovative ways to address community health care.
  • In 2000 CARE 7 received the Outstanding Team Award from the Tempe Police Department for it's team model approach of community volunteers and city staff.
  • The City of Tempe awarded CARE 7 in 2002 with it's Volunteer Recognition Award for Group Service.
  • In 2002, CARE 7 was one of fifteen national finalists for the Innovations in American Government Award through the Harvard University J.F.K. School of Government.