Candice Eisenfeld





Candice Eisenfeld studied painting at Bezalel in Jerusalem, Israel. In 1995 she received her BFA (cum laude) from the University of Texas in Austin. Since moving to Tempe, she has been reviewed in several publications including Art News and Art and Antiques Magazine. Southwest Art Magazine featured Eisenfeld in an article, "21 Under 31." Her paintings are on display at galleries and museums throughout the United States and have acquired an international following.

Her Work
In a quest for universal understanding, Eisenfelds' work entertains the interaction between intellectual reasoning and the mysteries of emotion. There is a chain of rarefied thoughts, fragmented memories of textures, figures and panoramic landscapes visited only in dreams. These subconscious windows are affixed with an intuitive order and suspended upon a cosmological space, connecting the dualistic theories between physical and mental reality.

It is perhaps a way of storytelling; an archeology of the id. Her paintings are meant to explore levels of meaning as they connect our personal experiences to a world severely distanced from ourselves.
Statement: “As an American exploring issues of identity, memory and the passage of time, I have chosen to paint primarily through a nostalgic lens from the first American art movement, The Hudson River School of Landscape Painting, to parallel the subconsciously romantic eye of a collective American culture. Rather than depicting a site-specific locale, my focus is to evoke a sense of place inherent within the painting process. These ‘inner landscapes’ are invented, and often referenced from photographs taken during travels. Whether real or imagined, they are infused with the influence from Dutch Master, Tonalist, and Chinese Painting.

“Although created on a single panel, these ethereal landscapes are often juxtaposed with segments of aqueous color fields whose energetic swirls of paint act as commentary for the landscapes, like the chorus in a Greek play. The crisp, hard edges separating the landscapes from the color fields command a sense of order in an otherwise unabashed painterly surface. With two or three sections of the panel competing for attention, the painting creates multiple focal points. The primary narrative elements- the path, the moody sky, endless sea, and isolated trees- adjacent to the secondary abstracted elements are the icons used to form my language of expression.

“While each painting may have individual meanings, the overall body of work focuses on the journey of life that includes notions of memory, identity and passage of time. The artistic process used to explore these subjects is reflected through the application of paint. Just as memories emerge in and out of our sub-consciousness, contorting into surreality, I paint intuitively, pouring washes over previous layers leaving traces from an earlier generation peering through a gauze-like screen of paint. One is confronted by these contradictory layers that make references to memory; articulating through painterly abstraction that make no other reference to an existing place other than an inherent emotional position inside the psyche.

“The paintings are meant to explore levels of meaning as they connect our personal experiences to a world severely distanced from our-selves. My interest lies in understanding what is at the core of human nature- desire, curiosity, need for love, acceptance, and hope. It is narrating a personal archeology of the id while simultaneously relating to other people what is timelessly universal.”

1995     University of Texas at Austin, BFA in Studio Art, Honors
1993     Bezalel School of Art in Jerusalem, Hebrew University, Jerusalem,
1993     Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Selected exhibitions 
2008     Buchanan Gallery, Featured Artist- Galveston, Texas
2007     Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon Honorarium Exhibition - Phoenix
2006     Lisa Kurts Gallery-Contemporary Landscapes - Memphis, Tenn.
2006     West Valley Art Museum -Secrets of the Garden - Surprise
2005     Northern Arizona University Art Museum, Flagstaff
2005     Lisa Kurts Gallery- Contemporary Views - Memphis, Tenn.
2005     Art In Embassies-Namibia, Africa
2004     Art in Embassies- Minsk, Belarus
2004     Circa Gallery-Featured Artist-Minneapolis
2003     Dolby/Chadwick Gallery-San Francisco
2003     Lisa Kurts Gallery-Winter Invitational-Memphis, Tenn.
2001     Vanier Gallery- Featured Artist-Scottsdale
2001     Circa Gallery-Featured Artist-Minneapolis
2001     Mesa Southwest Museum-Mesa
2000     Vanier Gallery- Featured Artist-Scottsdale
2000     Circa Gallery-Minneapolis, Minn.
2000     Craighead-Green Gallery, Dallas
2000     Pleasures of the Palettes-Invitational - Phoenix
1999     Mesa Arts Center-Dreamscapes, Mesa, Juror: Julie Sasse
1999     MARS -LaPhoenaquera. Juror: John Spiak, Phoenix
1998     Shemer Art Center- “The White Show,” Phoenix

Selected private collections
Norwest Bank, Minneapolis
Northwest Airlines, Tennessee
Deloitte Consulting, Seattle

Public collections
University of Texas at Austin
Shemer Arts Center, Phoenix

Selected commissions
1998     Installations - Biltmore Estate
1997     Installations - Mesa Southwest Museum
1995     Installations - Una Gallery

Awards and scholarships
2002     Arizona Commission on the Arts, Professional Development Grant
1998     AWCA Juried Show "Jurors Choice Award"
1998     Academic Scholarship, Scottsdale Artist School

Grants and fellowships
2008    Fellowship, Hambidge Center for the Arts
2007    Grant, Career Development Grant, Arizona Commission on the Arts
2007    Fellowship, I-Park Foundation
2004    Fellowship, Helene Wurliztor Foundation
2003    Fellowship, Ragdale Foundation
2002    Fellowship, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts
2009    Grant, Professional Development Grant, Arizona Commission on the Arts
1999    Residency, Tempe School District

Selected lectures / speaking engagements /seminars
2009     Guest, KXAM Radio
2008     Guest Lecturer, Mesa Community College
2008     Seminars, Shemer Art Center
2007     Guest Lecturer, Scottsdale Artist School and Shemer Art Center
2006     Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Education Series
2006     Secrets of the Garden, West Valley Art Museum
2002     The Science of Painting, Arizona State University
1999     Hayden’s Ferry Review, Arizona State University, Literary Journal
1998     KAET Television Interview at Shemer Art Center

Selected publications and reviews 
2007     Phoenix New Times “Scenes From The Oracle” Review -W. Holden
2006     American Art Collector: November editorial by Josh Rose
2005     Phoenix Magazine- March: Featured Artist by Linda Groneman
2005     FlagLive! -interview by Evan Wyloge
2005     Arizona Monthly, January Issue
2005     Art-Talk, January Issue
2004     Borealis Books Press "A Northern Front" by John Hilderband.
2003     Phoenix Home and Garden-Interview
2002     The New Times- Review of Exhibition by Deborah Sussman Susser
2002     Arts and Antiques Magazine- Interview
2001     Valley Tribune, Sunday Arts, The Ones To Watch
2001     The Arizona Republic, ASU Journal Features Artists, Poet
2001     The Arizona Republic, East Valley Artists Travel North
2001     Phoenix Home and Garden, March Issue
2001     Southwest Art Magazine- '21 Under 31'
2001     Hayden's Ferry Review- Front Cover June Issue.
2000     The Arizona Republic -Painter Has Art World Buzzing
1998     Get Out- Review of ‘Dreamscapes’
1998     Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine