Art at Tempe Town Lake

During a walk around the Tempe Town Lake, visitors can view artwork that illustrates how water issues and nature are addressed in the desert.

North Bank

Laurie Lundquist

Cattail Rails
Laurie Lundquist

Laurie Lundquist Marina Water Muse
Laurie Lundquist
Jeff East & Rebecca Ross River Then, River Now, River Future
Rebecca Ross and Jeff East
Joe Tyler Tree at the Narrows
Joe Tyler
Marilyn Zwak Tree of Life
Marilyn Zwak


South Bank

Tom Strich The Creative Edge
Tom Strich
Laurie Lundquist Entrance Way
Laurie Lundquist
Laurie Lundquist Sidewalk and Bike Path enhancements
Laurie Lundquist
Tom Strich Windows of Dialectic Views
Tom Strich
Elling Rios Reese Words Over Water
Karla Elling, Alberto Rios and Harry Reese