Media Contacts


City of Tempe
Nikki Ripley
Citywide Issues, Mayor/Council/Manager, Economic Development, Transportation/Transit
P: 480-350-8846
C: 480-313-8850
F: 480-350-8996

Kris Baxter
Economic Development, Technology, Fire Prevention, Community Development, Town Lake Dam construction, Tempe Public Library, Tempe History Museum, Tempe Music Revival, Cactus Bowl, Public Safety Memorial, Mill Avenue NYE Block Party 
P: 480-858-2059
C: 480-250-5198
F: 480-350-2951

Denise Rentschler
Community Services (Recreation, Social Services and Kidzone)
P: 480-350-5209
C: 480-204-3864

Amanda Nelson
Transit Operations, Transportation Planning, Streets, Traffic Engineering, Community Development
P: 480-350-2707
C: 480-250-5177

Melissa Quillard
Public Works (Recycling, Solid Waste), Water, Sustainability, Golf, Neighborhoods
P: 480-350-8101
C: 480-639-9045

Mike Pooley
Tempe Police Department
P: 480-858-6087

Molly Enright
Tempe Police Department
P: 480-858-6148

Tempe Partners
Tempe Tourism Office
Toni Smith
Communications Manager
P: 480-305-1372
F: 480-968-8004

Downtown Tempe Community, Inc.
P: 480-355-6068
F: 480-968-7882

Tempe Chamber of Commerce
Sean Donovan
Communications Director
Ph: 480-736-4285
Fax: 480-966-4285

Tempe Community Council
Ph: 480-858-2307