Tips for Organizing



A neighborhood association is a voluntary organization of residents who work together to improve and maintain the quality of life in their neighborhood. Associations can form out of concern over a particular issue or as a means of enhancing a sense of community.

Features of a Neighborhood Association:

*Membership is open to all residents and property owners in the neighborhood, but participation is optional; the association (usually 40-400 households) establishes boundaries 

*Dues are voluntary
*There is no legal authority to enact or enforce maintenance or design requirements beyond those established by City ordinances

*To ensure a visibly democratic process, the organization establishes formal or informal bylaws to provide for at least one general membership meeting per year and to require an annual election of officers

*Associations create their own meeting notices and newsletters (NO advertising or political campaigning) which the Neighborhood Services Division duplicates and mails to all households in the area

*Association position statements are reached through consensus; any dissenting statements are also attached and sent to the City

Why should a neighborhood organize?

*To create and/or enhance a sense of neighborhood and community

*To encourage neighbors to combine resources and focus their time and talents in pursuit of commonly shared goals

*To establish a link that improves communication among neighbors and with the City of Tempe

*To develop neighborhood pride

*To solve problems

*To improve/preserve the neighborhood

*To turn diverse interests into assets