HOA Handbook


This handbook, prepared by the City of Tempe’s Neighborhood Services Division. has been designed to help you, as an established or new association chairperson, best serve your neighborhood in your leadership role to enhance your association meetings, activities and communication.

The following items have been provided for your reference:


Organizing Your Homeowners’ Association
What is a Homeowners’ Association
Homeowners’ Association Resources
Adminstrative Functions and Legal Tips

Establishing Neighborhood Connections
Service Projects
Social Gatherings
Volunteer Opportunities
Maryanne Corder Neighborhood Grant Program Overview
Neighborhood Awards

Neighborhood Safety
Starting a Neighborhood Block Watch Program

Tempe City Government
Mayor and Council
City Departments and Offices
How to Connect with the City of Tempe
Tempe Involving the Public Manual Executive Summary
Citizen Boards and Commissions

Appendix A – Meeting Locations

2012 HOA Handbook