Homeowners' Associations


What is a Homeowners' Association?
Homeowners' associations, unlike neighborhood associations, are formal legal entities created to maintain common areas and enforce private deed restrictions (CC&R's). Most condominium and townhome developments and some newer single-family subdivisions have homeowners' associations, which are usually created when the development is built.

Features of a Homeowners' Association:

  • Membership is mandatory for all property owners within the boundaries of the development
  • Members are usually charged mandatory fees
  • Homeowners' associations have the legal authority to enact and enforce maintenance and design standards in addition to those established by City ordinances
  • Homeowners' associations are corporations with formal bylaws - there is usually a governing board which hires a property management company to handle maintenance and enforcement issues
  • Many homeowners' associations publish a newsletter, which is sent to members at the association's expense.

List of Homeowners' Associations

For a list of all Tempe homeowners' associations and their profiles visit Neighborhood Directory & Map . Profiles include photos, neighborhood boundaries, number of households, and links to neighborhood schools (and districts). 

Homeowners' Associations Classes

Neighborhood Services is hosting two free classes for residents who live in HOA communities -  Register here.