Hosting a Successful Event


The Tempe Police Department would like to assist you with hosting a successful G.A.I.N. event and increasing your attendance. The following tips are being provided to help increase your attendance.


  • Ask individuals in person for help.
  • Get more people in your event by asking them to do little things.
  • People who help you plan may have connections with neighbors you don’t know as well; they may draw new people to the event.
  • Tailor your event to the people living on your block. For example, if you have a lot of little children, plan activities that will be interesting to young kids and their parents.


  • Invite all neighbors well in advance and in person. People are much more likely to participate when asked in person instead of reading about the event in a flyer or e-mail message.
    Invite the owner/managers of rental property on your block. Ask them to invite their tenants.
  • Encourage involvement from businesses on or near your neighborhood.
  • Create or update your neighborhood block map while inviting. Tell everyone that the new maps will be available at your event.
  • Extend your event to invite a nearby street. Everyone will meet new neighbors and effectiveness of your neighborhood watch/GAIN Event will spread.
  • Utilize the door hangers and posters provided at the GAIN Organizational Meeting to promote your event.

At your event

  • Start the evening by having kids (with adult supervision) go door-to-door to remind neighbors, particularly households that haven’t attended in the past.