G.A.I.N. Organizational Kick-Off Meeting


GAIN Kick Off Celebration
Wednesday, September 10, 2014
6 pm
Tempe History Museum
809 E. Southern


Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods (G.A.I.N.) is an annual event designed to unite neighbors and help create safer neighborhoods. Join your elected officials, Neighborhood Services staff and Police employees at the G.A.I.N. Kick-Off event.  Whether this is your first experience wiht planning a G.A.I.N. event for your neighborhood or you are a seasoned party planner, there will be plenty of tips and opportunities to win party visits from city departments such as Fire, Recycling and Police.  Pre-register your event online at www.tempe.gov/GAIN or come prepared to do so the evening of the the kick-off event.

Getting to know your neighbor is an important step towards preventing crime. Those who know and care about each other are aware of work and travel schedules, and can watch each other’s homes. Neighbors who enjoy good relationships are more comfortable reporting crime and suspicious activity to the police, and are more likely to work together to keep a great quality of life in their neighborhood.

“Keeping an excellent and safe quality of life in Tempe neighborhoods depends first and foremost on great working partnerships,” says Tempe Police Patrol Commander Mark Perkovich. “Under the leadership of Chief Ryff, we are continuing our efforts to improve the quality and accessibility of police services. That begins with face to face conversations, working together, building trust, and communicating on a regular basis. The most practical advice I can give residents is: ‘get to know your neighbors and look out for each other.’ In Tempe we are working to instill the spirit of G.A.I.N not just one night a year, but 365 days a year.”

This year, G.A.I.N. Night is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 25 from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. Last year, Tempe residents hosted nearly 100 G.A.I.N. parties, and approximately 4,000 people attended.