Geek Out With Us - Make This Festival AWESOME


Are you a science fan? Love sci fi? Pop culture? We'd love your support at Geek Week and Geeks' Night Out.  Here's how you can help us make sure the event is as great as possible. We've also included some information you'll want for Geeks' Night Out.

Show up for a tour
A great many Tempe companies are offering demonstrations of how science works in everyday life. Take a look at how our city uses STEM. We'll have a calendar soon with destinations for you.

Show up at Geeks' Night Out
Support the local scifi community and hang out with us. Listen to some great music. Be part of the costume contest. Chat with graphic novelists. Play video games and learn from the cool people hosting booths.

Tell a friend
You in? Spread the word. If you use social media, our Twitter hashtag for the week is #geektempe. Or share the Facebook event.

Things You Need to Know for Geeks' Night Out
Can I bring the kids?
Absolutely! There are many things for the kids to see, do and try. Tempe Elemetary School District, Tempe Unified High School District, Kid Zone, Boys and Girls Clubs will participate, ensuring lots of kid-friendly fun.  There are also things that are just for adults. Pay attention to the signs to make sure that you and your family pick the activities that are best for you.

How do I get to Tempe City Hall?
It's on Fifth Street, just east of Mill Avenue. Sixth Street Park is on the east and west sides of City Hall, as well as south of it on Sixth Street.

The closest parking is the City Hall Garage, just east of Tempe City Hall. It's a pay parking garage but it is free for those arriving after 6 p.m. Here's a map of other parking opportunities.

No Hassle Arrival
The best way to get to the party is light rail. Two close stops are Third Street and Mill Avenue and the Transportation Station / ASU Stadium station at Fifth Street and College Avenue.

Come Hungry
There are dozens of restaurants that would love to see you. They all will welcome people in costume. Some may join in the fun themselves with drink specials or their own Jedi attire.

Need more data?
Want to learn more about the Arizona SciTech Festival?

Need more about Geeks' Night Out? Contact Kris Baxter-Ging (480 858-2059) or Amanda Nelson (480 350-2707)