Our purpose

We serve the community and anyone who may interact with Tempe by providing connections between the community and city government. We foster interaction and help resolve issues that result in a well-informed and engaged community.


The Communications and Media Relations office connects Tempe government to the community we serve by providing information about programs and activities, engaging our residents in their neighborhoods, and resolving community concerns. We make sure you get everything you want to know.

Communications and Media Relations Fax Number (480) 350-8996

City Hall, 3rd floor reception desk (480) 350-8830

Communication and Media Relations
Local, national and international media turn to the city’s Communication and Media Relations Division when they need information about Tempe programs, services and events. The division focuses on getting information to residents and businesses in Tempe through a variety of ways including newsletters, Tempe 11, media outreach, events, advertising and social media.

Nikki Ripley (480) 350-8846
Comm. & Media Relations Manager
Public Information Officer- Citywide Issues, Mayor/Council/Manager

Public Information Officers (PIO)
Amanda Nelson (480) 350-2707
Public Information Officer - Transportation

Denise Rentschler (480) 350-5209
Public Information Officer - Community Services; Recreation & Human Services

Kris Baxter-Ging (480) 858-2059
Public Information Officer - Fire, Community Development, Community Services; Library & Cultural Services

Melissa Quillard (480) 350-8101
Public Information Officer - Public Works/Water

Web & Graphic Design
Michele Gurrieri (480) 350-8937
Web & Design Coordinator

Martha Garner (480) 350-8919
Web & Design Coordinator

Tempe 11
Jason Wolf (480) 350-8804
Video Production Coordinator

Greg Wolfe (480) 350-8862
Video Production Coordinator

Get connected
We want to hear from you. Contact the City Council and city staff anytime to express your opinions, get help with a problem or brainstorm a new idea. Visit www.tempe.gov/newsroom or call 480-350-4311 to get started. All in all, it’s pretty simple, right? Get the information you need, when you need it, in the way you like it, to help make your life easier.

Affiliated Organizations

Tempe Community Council (480) 858-2300
Downtown Tempe Community (480) 355-6060
Tempe Tourism Office 1(866) 914-1052
Tempe Chamber of Commerce (480) 967-7891