Homeless Assistance


The City of Tempe is committed to preventing and addressing homelessness as part of a regional effort.  To that end, the City employs a Homeless Coordinator to carry out the following responsibilities:
  • Provide resources and information to residents who are experiencing homelessness and those who are at risk.
  • Provide assistance to residents and local businesses who have concerns about homelessness in our community.
  • Oversee, HOPE, the City's Homeless Outreach Team. 
  • Participate in regional planning efforts through the Maricopa County Continuum of Care.  For more information, Maricopa Continuum of Care.
  • Facilitate the Annual Homeless Street Count in Tempe.
  • Plan Project Connect events in Tempe in partnership with Tempe-based Homeless Service Providers and the Valley of the Sun United Way.
  • Provide community education on homelessness and its impact within Tempe.

For more information, contact Theresa James, City of Tempe Homeless Coordinator at 480-858-2360 or theresa_james@tempe.gov

Funding for Homeless Service Providers

The City of Tempe allocates funding annually for homeless service providers.  Tempe Community Council administers the Human Services funding application process for the City.  The following agencies are currently funded to provide homeless services:

  • Tempe Community Action Agency: rent/utility assistance, food pantry and case management to low income and homeless individuals and families from Tempe; crisis shelter for homeless individuals in partnership with local faith-based communities 
  • Tempe Corp Salvation Army: case management to homeless individuals and families
  • Tumbleweed: outreach and case management to homeless youth ages 11-26
  • Central Arizona Shelter Services:  shelter and casemanagement to homeless men, women and families
  • Turn a New Leaf: crisis shelter for homeless families and homeless men who are able to work, crisis shelter for domestic violence victims and their families
  • UMOM New Day Centers: crisis shelter and transitional living programs for homeless individuals, homeless families and victims of domestic violence
  • Save the Family: transitional living for homeless families
  • Homeward Bound: transitional living for homeless families
  • Sojourner Center: crisis shelter and transitional living for victims of domestic violence and their families
  • Chrysalis: crisis shelter and transitional living for victims of domestic violence and their families
  • Catholic Charities and Community Services: crisis shelter and transitional living for victims of domestic violence and their families

 Contact Us:

Theresa James, Homeless Coordinator:  480-858-2360/ theresa_james@tempe.gov

Mike Bishop, Homeless Outreach:  480-350-5844/ mike_bishop@tempe.gov

Zeny Stuart, Homeless Outreach:  480-858-7993/ zeny_stuart@tempe.gov




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