Judicial Advisory Board


The Judicial Advisory Board seeks out and encourages qualified individuals to apply for the office of City Judge or Presiding Judge; conducts investigations into the background and qualifications of candidates for new appointments; obtains public input concerning appointments or reappointments, to allow for confidential submissions to the Board if so requested; and submits recommendations for candidates for appointment or reappointment to the Mayor and the City Council.

The Board is composed of six (6) persons appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council, including the presiding judge of the Tempe Municipal Court, who shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio member except for the reappointment of the presiding judge; the presiding judge of the Maricopa County Superior Court, or designee, who shall also be a judge of the Maricopa County Superior Court; two active members in good standing of the State Bar of Arizona, who shall reside in Tempe and shall be appointed by the Mayor from among three (3) nominees recommended by the State Bar’s Board of Governors; and two public members who are residents of Tempe. No public member shall have been a party to any matters pending before any division of the Tempe Municipal Court for the five (5) years preceding their appointment. Members shall serve a term of three (3) years and shall be eligible for reappointment for one additional three (3) year term. The meetings of the Board shall be held as needed to review applications for appointment or to conduct a reappointment review, in the Tempe Municipal Court, 140 East Fifth Street, Tempe. (City Code, Chapter 2, Article II, Division 2, Section 2-31)

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