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Get your 'Minimum Daily Requirements' for art at the post office

New art exhibition opens at Fifth and Mill post office this week

Post Date:08/13/2014 6:00 AM

CONTACT: Michelle Dock
TELEPHONE: 480 350-2867

TEMPE, Ariz -
A visit to the post office in Tempe doesn’t have to mean you are mailing a package: you could be checking out a new art exhibition. 

group webMinimum Daily Requirements opens Friday in the windows of the US Post Office at 500 S. Mill Ave., Tempe.  Located in the heart of downtown Tempe, this exhibition space highlights local artwork that is fun, eye catching and unusual. Anyone strolling past the post office at any time can see the exhibition.

The exhibition focuses on the topic of physical, mental and emotional well-being with the hope it will inspire conversations about health and personal resilience.

Exhibiting artists are Crystal Daigle, Joan Baron, Peter Bugg and Ann Morton. Each artist approaches the theme differently based on their own art and experiences. Daigle’s work ties the art of  tango dancing  into a tribute to resiliency. Baron’s installation regales the healing aspects of plants.  Bugg literally and symbolically drills holes into tabloid magazines. Morton’s display brings awareness to homelessness and the human need for meaningful daily activities.

Artist Daigle said, “Viewers will ask themselves, ‘What are my minimum daily requirements? How do I fill them?’ Although accessing health care is on a lot of people’s minds, many don’t realize that their well-being is largely in their own hands if they will only listen to their bodies. I hope that this exhibition urges viewers to question their beliefs about wellness and take action towards healthier, happier lives. I think they’ll find it is easier than they think if they’ll simply listen to their own bodies.”

The exhibition will be on display through Dec. 10. 

Gallery exhibitions are supported by the Arizona Commission on the Arts with funding from the State of Arizona and the National Endowment for the Arts and are part of the City of Tempe Cultural Services division.

Discover more about all of the community galleries in Tempe at www.tempe.gov/communitygalleries

Art shown:
Top Left: Ann Morton: Street Gems
Top Right: Crystal Daigle: Push Down and Tango
Bottom Left: Peter Bugg: Less is More Bristol Palin
Bottom Right: Joan Baron: The Curtain of the Alchemist Delight


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